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About Us

We are cycling enthusiasts, manufacturers, designers, and strategists to make your cycling journey only better!

Founded in 2013, the FDX aims at providing quality cycling clothing accessible to all. We craft our apparel for men and women. Whether you are a lone wolf, or the team player, there is something for you at our store. 

Apparel for all

Whether you are a daily commuter who has taken to cycling as mode of transportation, or you plan a weekend ride, you will find everything here. Our apparel is built for performance in varying environments.

Fastest Growing Companies

Been established for seven years, we have come a long way from humble beginnings. FDX is one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Our extensive and adaptable range of products have become people’s choice.

High Standard Customer Service

Thanks to our professional customer service and the care with which we handle our deliveries, FDX has won the hearts of many in this department.