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Fdx Delta Black Gel Padded Fingerless Summer Cycling Gloves

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Gel padded summer cycling gloves for better handling the bars!

  • While riding a bike under sweltering heat, your hands are bound to suffer from abrasion and sweat, making you lose your grip. For firm handling of the bike, we have put together these breathable and lightweight summer cycling gloves. With integration of Amara fabric as well as gel pads in the palms, you can grip the cycle bars comfortably. The lycra is added on the back, adding protection to your hands as they steer the bike. Quick release finger pulls are added. They allow you to take your gloves off with ease despite the sweaty and sticky palms. Sweating on forehead can make it difficult for you to ride, since the sweat can get into your eyes. A soft towel patch on the thumb is used which lets you wipe off the perspiration, keeping your sight clean and focused.

    1. Made with high quality Amara and lycra fabric amalgamation
    2. Soft towel patch on thumb as a sweat wipe
    3. Ideal for summer weather rides
    4. Gel inserts in palm patch for added comfort
    5. Quick release finger pulls for easy accessibility
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