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Fdx R8 Black Cycling Calf Guard - Compression Leg Sleeves

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Slim fit, well-constructed and protective calf guard

  • Treacherous weather can cause serious setbacks to your rides. Amidst that setting, a comfortable and easy to take off calf guard can create ton of difference for your bike game. Our cycling calf warmers are designed just for that purpose. Fabricated exactly to provide you with warmth and comfort, our calf warmers feature a breathable and moisture wicking fabric that promises a dry and contented ride. While a flat seam design ensures an added feel of comfort to the skin, proper joint fortification and movement. Integrated elastic sleeve grippers certify a proper grip on the sleeve and prevent bagging. With its slim fit design and soft fabric, you can wear these warmers all day long, no matter how cold the weather is.

    1. Slim fit design for knees and calf coverage
    2. Flat-seam construction
    3. Elastic non-slip sleeve grippers
    4. Ideal for winters
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