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Fdx SC1 360° Reflective Black Cycling Shoe Covers

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  • Snug fit windproof and waterproof Shoe Covers made in highly breathable and stretchy fabric actively keep the shoes protected against rainwater, dust, mud, dirt, or debris during freezing rainy cycling conditions. With 360° degree Hi-Viz Reflective material, the over shoes ensure all-around visibility during foggy winter nights. Rear Zip Closure ensures easy putting on and off if or when required. Extremely lightweight overshoes ensure Ultimate endurance against chilly weather features sturdy design and favorable aerodynamics for outperformance. Technically engineered with Water resistant Reinforced fabric surface promising additional friction/grip, highly stretchable spats come in different shoe sizes and can easily pack in jersey or jacket pocket when not required.

    1. 360° Hi-Vis Reflective Material
    2. Waterproof 
    3. Windproof
    4. Taped Seam
    5. Race Fit
    6. Reflector for Safety
    7. Light Weight & Portable
    8. Rear Zip Design
    9. Highly Breathable
    10. Stretchable and Comfortable Wear
    1. 90% Polyester
    2. 10% Nylon
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