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Fdx SC3 Black Cycling Shoe Covers

Cycling Shoe Covers for All

  • Snug Fit windproof and waterproof over shoes crafted in Lycra designed to protect the shoes against dust and debris. A Sturdy, No-fray construct coupled with Highly Elasticized Comfortable Gripper preserves the shoes from muddy splashes or water ingress while holding the pair right without slipping down. The shoe covers feature Highly Stretchable material that allows fitting well to any shoe size, while also ensures easy stowing while not in use. The aesthetically sporty and protective overshoes actively repel any water droplets keeping the shoes nice and dry, a must take-along Winter Riding Essential to accompany rainy and snowy riding expeditions.

    1. Snug Fit
    2. Sturdy Design
    3. Protective Membrane to protect your shoes
    4. Extremely Elasticized and Comfortable Gripper
    5. Stretchable and Comfortable Wear for any shoe size
    6. Built for shoe protection during extreme riding conditions
    1. 85% Nylon
    2. 15% Spandex
  • Cycling Clothing Care Instructions

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