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Fdx Women's Set Ripple Thermal Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey & Bib Tights - Navy Blue

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Ride well in the frosty weather with this winter cycling gear!

  • Thermally breathable and crafted from the finest quality Roubaix fabric, this winter cycling suit will be your perfect winter armor. The jersey follows a higher neck and longer back design. Its warm, breathable fabric ensures moisture-wicking and quick dryness. Rear pockets are present for safe and long storage. The riding up problem is solved by the elastic grippers. The bib tights forming the bottom wear to make sure you are comfortably padded. With flatlock stitching for comfortable wearability, the suit also has a reflective design. For nighttime safety.

  • Jersey
    1. Thermal breathable Roubaix fabric
    2. 3 rear pockets
    3. High Vis Reflective Details
    4. Non chafing elastic grippers
    5. Longer back
    6. Higher neck
    7. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying
    8. Flatlock Stitching for anti-chafing
    Bib Tights
    1. Thermal breathable Roubaix fabric
    2. 3D gel padding
    3. Non-chafing Elastic grippers
    4. Flatlock stitching
  • Cycling Clothing Care Instructions

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